Casey’s Blog: One week of baby bliss and back to Sepang

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Hi everyone.

After a wonderful week at home with Adri and Ally, I’ve just arrived back in Sepang for the second test.
It’s been a wonderful week, Ally is feeding and sleeping well and without wanting to tempt fate, it seems we have a perfect child at the moment! Both Adri and I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this week, getting to know our little girl and sharing little things with her, such as her first experience of hiccups!

Besides baby time, I’ve also spent some time with my trainer working on various things. My friends at GoPro sent me some belated Christmas presents and I had a chance to rig up the cameras to my bike, and on my helmet! The quality of them is amazing, I can’t wait to get them on the go-karts in the Summer!

Anyway, early yesterday morning I was heading to the airport to fly back out here to Sepang for the second test. The first test went very well for us and I’m looking forward to getting back to work with my team. I’ll spend most of today at the track and then I’ll go into Kuala Lumpur to do a little shopping, maybe pick up something for my girls and try to stay awake to get on the time zone to be 100% for the first day of testing tomorrow.

Along with this blog, I’ve finally caved in and have decided to open a Twitter account… Don’t expect too many Tweets but I’ll try to keep you updated. You can follow me on @Official_CS27.

Have a great week wherever you are, and see you next week!


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