Casey’s Blog: Still waiting…

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Hello again from a very cold Switzerland!

I was hoping to be able to announce the arrival of our baby in this week’s blog, however – as of this moment – no such luck! Adriana’s due date was yesterday, but so far there has been no movement.

This past week has been very relaxing, we’ve been doing some more finishing touches to the baby’s room and around the house in general. I’ve been out with my trainer most days, and getting my back better, then it’s been a case of sitting around and waiting…

It’s still very cold here and we’re keeping nice and warm in the house, we have Adriana’s bags prepared for the hospital and we’re just waiting to make the move there!

Sorry we don’t have more news this week, I hope that next week we’ll be able to announce our big news!

Have a great week wherever you are.


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